About Part P

At Allsuns Electrical Limited we are fully registered Part P electricians through Elecsa. This Part P scheme has been set up to try and prevent poor electrical work being done by unapproved parties. The scheme involves regular on site inspections to make sure that our work is being kept to the high standard expected by the electrical regulations (BS7671) and the building regulations. 

The scheme now means that householders requiring electrical work must either:

Any householder failing to abide by the Part P regulations may find that they are liable for a fine. Without Part P certification for electrical works carried out there may be difficulties selling the dwelling in the future.

Allsuns Electrical is fully Part P registered, this means we can complete all of the electrical works falling in to the scope of Part P as detailed below with out the need for you to get in contact with building control or pay a fee. Once we have completed work that falls within the scope of Part P we will automatically notify your local building control authority who will then issue you with a certificate stating that the electrical work has been completed by a Part P registered installer, this certificate should be kept in a safe place as it will be required when you come to sell your home.

Work that falls in to the Scope of Part P is:

  • All outside electrics including lighting, sockets and pond pump supplies

  • Any shed and garage electrics

  • Electrics within a bathroom or kitchen

  • Installation of a new circuit or full/partial rewire of a property

  • Alteration to existing circuits involving new wiring or upgrading of fuse boxes

Allsuns Electrical Limited Part P Registration Number Is: EPP1950